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Your Data

Got an existing set of data? We’ll help you realize the what’s meaningful within it. Our analytics expertise in Sales, Marketing, and Operations create insights that are actionable. Make informed decisions backed by the support of data-driven indicators.

Your Team

Looking to hire an analyst or improve the performance of your existing analytics team? We can help by combining our leadership and technical training programs.

High/Low Value Customer Profiling

We use statistics to perform segmentation of your client groups based on their purchasing behavior and demographic.

Understanding sales trend can provide you with a better understanding of optimization opportunities. Operations and resources planning backed by data driven insights prove to improve overall business performance. Businesses today cannot just rely on intuition to make important decisions. 

Dashboard Automation

Gone are the days when updating a report can absorb a large amount of time and resources. Automation and data visualization tools are able to reproduce reports at a much faster rate with less resources. We enable companies to implement, utilize, and streamline these tools for a seamless report viewing experience. The results are accessible insights and enhanced decision making  

New Analyst Recruitment

We partner with consultants who have reviewed over 10,000 applications for data roles and knows how to swiftly select top talent. We offer expertise from working as experts at top universities, analysts, hiring managers, executives, and company leaders. Our acute intelligence gives us the advantage in identifying your next hire and saves you time to focus on staying productive. 

Communications Training

We all know the stereotype, the analyst who can do the work but can’t communicate it. Managers can find it difficult to teach analysts how to communicate their work to a non-technical audience. We work holistically with analytics teams and their managers to pinpoint the issues and the appropriate way to address them.

Presentations Training

Is your analyst producing technically accurate results but cannot seem to present it in a clear and concise matter? Messy reports and emails are often overlooked by analytics teams. However, knowing how to format and style findings is just as important as producing the right analysis. We can help your teams bridge the gap by teaching the best way to present reports.  

Poor Analytics

is the modern day equivalent of using a paper map to navigate business impact

Insightful Analytics

will guide you in the right direction

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