Competition Coaching

Case competitions can be the game-changer for career success. Even if you have never thought of a competition, or if you have competed many times, there are key coaching opportunities for candidates to seize the day to share their best effort and get noticed by employers.

We Deliver Results

Our competition coaches have designed case competitions with elite employers including Amazon, BCG GAMMA, National Basketball Association (NBA), National Hockey League (NHL), the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business. They have also served in the board rooms as corporate strategy leads for start-ups and partners for top tier companies including Adobe, Adidas, Asics, Columbia Sportswear, GoPro, Nike, PepsiCo, USAA and more.

What We Coach

  • Analytics: How do you effectively show off your technical expertise or analytics acumen?
  • Deck Tech: Presentation expertise including PowerPoint and beyond
  • Task Master/Project Management: Have you or your team accomplished everything you need?
  • Team dynamics: Is your team performing with the dynamics, etiquette that judges expect?
  • Public Speaking: If you are a total pro or not, there are key features you can use as a presenter during the competition that show you off as a pro and that judges are looking for
  • Persuasive? Do you know if you are delivering your content in a way that is most effective compared to the competition? To satisfy what the judges or employer is looking for?
  • Strategy: Are you driving insights and defining them? Or are you simply presenting the same boring information that most other teams get caught up with and make you fall, victim?



$150 / person
  • Pay Individually

Teams of 2+

$129 / person
  • Pay Together

Additional coaching can be purchased after these sessions as needed at $75 per person, per hour. Typically competition presentations are 20-40 minutes so this is more than enough time!

We also design case competitions
with elite employers